To the Morgan Lake research and news blog. My name is Joclyn Wallace, I'm a Poughkeepsie native and graduate from Dutchess Community College and Syracuse University. I have a B.A. in History from SU and became interested in both American Environmental History and Public History through my undergraduate studies. I began this freelance public history project on Morgan Lake in October 2011. The purpose of the project is to share with Poughkeepsie and Dutchess County residents the untold history of Morgan Lake, 1860s to present day. My research, as well as short news stories on current activities going on at Morgan Lake, will be shared with the public through this blog. As I research the Lakes "lost" history, I am also collecting narratives from past and present visitors to Morgan Lake. A long term goal is to publish a short book on what I call "Morgan Lake Memories." Please contribute to this research project by sending your memories to morganlakepoughkeepsie@gmail.com or simply read the blog posts and learn a little more about Historic Morgan Lake (what one biographer called the "sparkling monument to [George Morgan's] memory").        

How you can help improve Morgan Lake Park
Morgan Lake Park is visited by Poughkeepsie and Dutchess County residents who love to fish, photograph wildlife, and feed the ducks and swans that have practically been trained to fly over to anywhere you stand for food. However, the park is somewhat neglected and its existing amenities are in need of repair. Park benches and picnic tables are broken, large fallen tree limbs have made some areas inaccessible and appear unsafe, and litter surrounds the shore of the lake. Morgan Lake Park has great potential to be a beautiful, thriving site for recreation, but it needs your help!

Please help Morgan Lake Park remain a popular place for recreation in the City of Poughkeepsie for 146 more years by visiting the park with friends and family, volunteering as a Lake Steward to improve the existing conditions of the park, or simply by spreading the word about this unique open space for people and wildlife located right on the City line.

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